Employee Handbook

The employee handbook can either be bought in norwegian or english version. The handbook is a digital encyclopedia that help secure a good employee policy and is a useful tool in daily leadership. You’ll get an overview of laws and rules that apply. The employee handbook simplifies communication and is a great tool for the employees aswell as administration and management.

The employees ask a lot of questions, but with the employee handbook the employees can easily find answers about their duties and rights. No need to ask their managers.

1. Add information
2. Customize
3. The handbook is yours!

Advantages for your company


  • Access to important templates
  • Fewer questions to the management
  • Entire company gets access to newsfeed
  • Updates automaticly when law is changed
  • Easy to use and accessable on all platforms
  • Content is written by experts and lawyers in Virke
  • Easy to get an overview of policies and guidelines
  • Complete and updated information, all in one place
  • Easy to update and customize to your own company


This handbook only comes in norwegian. With HMS-handbook will both employee and manager get easy access to routines, roles, goals and legislation. The handbook simplifies communication and gives mangers easy and quick access to important information about the employees. 

Create your own handbooks

If you want to define your own handbooks you can do so. You can easily add your own customized handbooks that are tailored your company. This can for instance be handbooks that organize routines, products, learning or quality assurance. Theres no limit to what you can make, the sky is the limit! Its simple: Its up to you.

Our consultants

  • Maping internal routines and guidelines
  • Implement handbooks into your company
  • Tailoring content and the handbooks for your company


The content of the handbook are written by Virke

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